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Art Directing

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Graphic Design Projects

One of my favourite things that I have been doing for more than twenty years is graphic design. I have been active in almost all sub-sets of this field. From the beginning of the initial designs to the printing of various design projects, my presence is always felt. On this page, you will get to know a few of the projects that I have designed.

Logo Design

Me (Khodayar Ahi) have designed logos and signs for more than two hundred domestic and foreign companies and institutions since the year 1382, which should be mentioned in this section.


Ideation for changing the visual identity of Tekdaneh company's envelopes and juice bottles has been designed and implemented by Khodayar Ahi.

Celestial Angels

Celestial Angels are 4,900 Angel NFTs watching over the lives of their holders as ERC721 tokens on the ethereum blockchain.

These 4,900 one-of-a-kind art pieces are distributed through 2 phases; each representing the two sides of the constant battle between the guardians (2,450 Guardian Angels) and those who have already fallen (2,450 Fallen Angels)

Cooler Master

Iran Zamin Store

Vadin Socks

Womens Wear

Fruit drinks Industry

Art Directing and advertising for the brand's products, including the design for social media, Advertising Campaigns and making surreal images and videos for the Fontana.

Perrier company

Perrier mineral water is the ultimate refreshment and sensorial stimulation for intense pleasure moments. I was created many surreal images and animations for this company.

Furniture Factory

I have worked with numerous large corporations, such as Seven, as both a Graphic Designer and an interior Designer. While occupying these positions, I designed logos paper sets, and designed both offices and homes

The commercial food Industry company

I have also worked with Yazd Refreshing Food Factory designing their company logo, and packaging lables for numerous products

Wire & cable manufacturing company

This Company was manufactured first limited to the wires & cables.  I Designed several different type of projects as like as paper set, commercial exhibition design & video promotion for this company.

Interior & architecture company

Gym and training center

FitAs1 offers integrative health and lifestyle change through online training in the United States of America.
In addition, the company provides minimal equipment like resistance bands to bring functional training accessible on the move and everywhere.

All T-shirts and training accessories were designed in a Godyar design studio.

Tv show & broadcast programing

Startup company

Jwelery boutique

Billboards Design

 My Billboard design service provides you with a design that looks professional and meets our design requirements, all at an affordable rate.

Luxury Watch Boutique

Trading company

Music cover design

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