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About me

About me


Hi my name is Khodayar Ahi"Godyar"

 I'm an Iranian Artist and Designer from Tehran, I began my professional career in 1997 as a graphic designer in a number of International companies in the Persian Gulf region. I continued art activities by exhibiting my works in painting and visual art, holding both solo and group exhibitions in Tehran and Dubai. Various fields of his work are stated below:

In 2000, I co-founded an architecture firm called +2 Architects , where I continued my work in designing shopping and exhibition spaces as well as interior decoration, and still works as an art director. Over the years and with the +2 Architects, I have done worthwhile collaborations in designing luxurious boutiques such as … . To see Khodayar Ahi and +2 Architectures’ projects, click here.

Alongside these activities and with the expansion of social media, I began to present online portfolios, and continued working in Fine Art as well as Visual Art. My efforts have always been toward mixing my own ordinary life with that an unworldly life in order to create visually-appealing and creative photos; accordingly, most of my photos can be regarded as Surreal and Fine Art. Social media has allowed me to share my photos—which are the result of his travels and visits to old places—with the entire world. On Instagram, i have collaborated with some of the best photographers and photo makers in the globe. 

So far, my photos and work have been published in a number of books such as “Iran’s Images of the Year,” “Iran Graphic,” “Life on Instagram” as well as a few art magazines.

Digital Painting

+20 years of illustrating and drawing


+20 years of exp.

+12 Projects

Done this year

  • Exhibitions
  • Iranian Modern Artists Biennale; Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, 1998
  • Asia Cartoon Biennale; Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, 1998
  • Group Painting Exhibition; Arasbaran Cultural Center, 1999
  • Conceptual Art Biennale; Dubai, 2000
  • “Photo Magazine” Group Photography Exhibition; 2002
  • Solo Painting Exhibition; 2003
  • “Image of the Year” Group Photography Exhibition; 2015
  • 2018 Photography exhibition in DS gallery
  • 2020 Image of Tehran exhibition in Tehran House