The collection includes 700 photos from over 450 projects in the field of environmental art, landscape and street-wall paintings, which I photographed for the Beautification Organization of the Tehran Municipality.
This project began in March 2018 and continued until June 2018. For some months, all days and nights, in Tehran’s streets, I was searching the works of project Derakhtestan 97, and it was one of the most challenging projects I’ve ever been working on till now.
Along with this project, I had the great opportunity of knowing so many artists involved in the project and earn their precious comments and views.
These photos below are a selection of a collection of 700 photographs from Tehran in spring of 2018. Many of these photos are not taken city-wide, since “Baharestan’s project” is usually planned in a way that works are located in the city only for a short time and then they will be removed.