۲ Hands Drawing

People always ask me about my two hands working simultaneously!!
How do you make is it possible? Sir, do you edit that? Some people ask “are your hands edited by Photoshop?”
It makes me laugh, “What’s your editing tool? Or “the version of Photoshop? “,”Where did you buy Photoshop?” They are some routine questions people may ask!!
After all, here I am to write to you about my both hands designing simultaneously.
One of my concerns is drawing with both hands. I discovered this talent when I was a child. Whenever one of my hands got tired I could give my pencil or marker to another one and continue painting. I continued working with both hands and then, as a teenager, I got interested in basketball. I had an American coach who always mentioned that a successful basketball player is the one who works with both hands, the one who can shoot; dribble and so on with both hands … One of his hardest training exercises was handling the ball with both hands simultaneously for hours. And that encouraged me to come up and use this technique, using both hands at a time, in my drawings and paintings.
I used to do my painting with both hands hidden from the eyes of the others. My work was going on fast and enjoyable. This drawing style has been inside me for 30 years and I’m going to continue and post my videos on Instagram. I like to share with you the good feeling that I have during the painting and I hope I have done it successfully. I upload some of the two-handed design videos to show you.